Mynte helps brands find their true voice and vision, and connect in away that’s purposeful and authentic to what they stand for. We consider our relationships true partnerships. We work in a way that’s collaborative, thoughtful, and smart. 



Mynte helps brands find their true voice and vision, and connect with purpose and authenticity.

We do this through building strategic platforms, crafting beautiful design, creating engaging experiences, and growing incredible partnerships along the way.

Mynte builds catered teams around each client. Because while the end result is important, we know that how we get there defines the outcome. With a personal and nimble approach, we work collaboratively with you to create a brand experience that is as unique as you are.


As the principal and lead designer at Mynte, Jenn Stevens has over 18 years of experience in concepting, designing, and bringing brands to life for local and national clients. She honed her strategic and design skills as a creative director at a leading agency in central Ohio, creating authentic and memorable brand experiences in collaboration with her team and clients.

Her work has received recognition regionally and nationally, with inclusion in HOW and Print magazines, the AR 100, the American Graphic Design Awards, and the CASE Awards. She has also served as a design instructor and mentor for the MindMarket at Columbus College of Art & Design.

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